A not so itsy bitsy teeny weeny Chanel bikini

Yes well you can get away with a lot in a silver Balmain kaftan Two weeks ago Fully Chic reported Milanese murmurs that Gemma Ward had been in town for show castings and felt obliged to repeat earlier industry rumours, that we had reported almost exactly one year before to the day, that Ward had not been booked for a particular SS07 show in Milan (Burberry) because of weight issues. Ward did not turn up in any SS07 Milan show. By coincidence, nor did she turn up on a single SS08 Milan runway a fortnight ago. The following week, in Paris, we attempted to confirm with Ward whether she had in fact been in Milan, however she brushed us off in a hurry to get to her next appointment. In Paris, as with the SS07 season, Ward did in fact do a number of high profile shows. Including Chanel on the morning of October 5th. Now Fully Chic did not report our opinion at the time that, compared to the rest of the weeks ectomorphs and in particular Brit Lily Donaldson, who seemed to be on the (very) thin side this season Ward looked particularly voluptuous in the Chanel show. Notably when she appeared in a denim bikini and then a pair of micro golf shorts. Frankly we thought wed give it a rest. But it seems Ward Chanel appearance has not escaped the scrutiny of the rest of the blogosphere.

The rest of the headlines range from the pejorative ( Ward got fat and Ward too fat?”) to the positive ( Ward has started to eat and Ward has gained some weight”) the latter heralding the news as if Ward were a Biafran famine victim whose feeding tube has finally been detached.

Accompanying some of the posts is an unsourced runway image of Ward from the Chanel show, that may (or may not, it difficult to say) have been Photoshopped, to make the skin of the outside of her left leg look slightly wavy. Fully Chic can however vouch for the integrity of the above image (Reuters).

Lagerfeld, as it turns out, may have had something of a point to prove last week in Paris. Why he didnt choose the earlier Fendi show in Milan to prove the point, escapes us, but then perhaps the runway rules are a little less laissez faire in Milano. Last weekend, Lagerfeld told Londons Daily Telegraph that he rejected three models for the Chanel show because they were skinny is the first time I have ever done something like this Lagerfeld told The Telegraph. have nothing against skinny girls. But these were terrible. They looked as if they had grown up in a Third World country with no food to eat. I sent them back to the agency. I did not think they should be modeling its a curious turnaround from Lagerfelds position on the skinny model debate this time last year. During the SS07 shows in Paris Lagerfeld appeared to be in complete denial vis a vis skinny models, suggesting that the obesity epidemic in France was of far greater concern.

don see anorexic (girls) Lagerfeld told reporters at the time. “The girls are skinny. They have skinny bones. models become perhaps even skinner in the 12 months interim? One thing for sure, they continue to flood in from the developing world so Lagerfeld could definitely be onto something here. Given his very public complaints about Swedish fast fashion retailer H with whom Lagerfeld said he would never work again for reasons including the fact that H insisted on manufacturing his 2004 H capsule clothing line in larger sizes there do however appear be limits to the designers largesse. In anything other than the modelling world, she would no doubt be considered a “normal, nay very slim, woman. But at least the pro thin lobby is no longer using her as a thinspiration postergirl.

wooow, this is the fashion theme of the moment!!! xD like britney with her body At first, i can belive it, i saw gemma in a lot of photos and i tought: don know why but she looks a little bit different comparing the last seasons, i think she gained weight, i don know), but in this spring shows, she looks completly different. her chicks are huge and her body looks dissproportioned than her little head, well, nobody is perfect but she to be perfect, she is top model maybe she not fat, but her body looks too big, comparing the last spring season, that she had more weight but still pretty, but in the end, im happy. I think this is a positive thing, a REAL inspiration for all that sick girls. The fashion industry is not the only responsible for this eating disorders. We have the choice. Gemma is still pretty, but pretty, and its a support for all the and mias in rehab. Im a size 14/16 model for a fetish company where curves are a must. We eat, we have fun, and we wear bikinis despite weighing more than a broom stick.

I think you have bigger issues than Gemma here.

By the way, I look unhappy if I were her too. I sure she knows damn well that she is being scrutinised for weight gain every second of that runway, wearing tiny tiny clothes. The number of fit for summer articles on magazine covers every spring, where fit means skinny, should tell you that most of us feel awkward in bikinis. And when we at the beach, no one is even really looking at us.

Oh please. I just stumbled on this. Catwalks are art as much as they marketing. and marketing is nothing more than well designed influence. this, wear this, feel this and you be apart of something bigger, more beautiful, better. We not talking about a fabric exhibition at the local gallery, these are garments dangling loosely from flesh and bone human coat hangers carefully selected (and disposed of) as the and judging, hungry public sees fit.

It a highly competitive, rich industry and certainly not all about art, clothing the world or keeping people warm at night. It the creation of cash and a bigger than human power to look down on someone else and say guys are all missing the point. Couture people, couture

Actually, we getting the point loud and clear. Some people (like poor Maddy above) has even decided it gospel. I have a feeling Maddy brainwashing is more common than not. You can be a trendsetter if there is no uptake. The point to influence trends (and therefore purchasing behaviours), is the responsibility of the industry itself. We meant to be impacted by the images we see on the catwalk (the complete picture). If we weren then the catwalk would be a faceless, bodiless place to visit and the size ranges for the clothes designed would fit the gorgeous, plump suburban mum looking for an outfit to feel like an individual in. High fashion is about giving you something to want (or if you rich enough something to buy or book a personal trainer for). It big business. Clever and simple simultaneously.

It not just you of course. We all to blame for buying in, all to blame for the creation of a falsely chased eternal, all encompassing beauty which constricts (to strangles) the exciting individual stuff about being who you are. We all to blame for flicking through a gawd awful magazine written by people with as many body issues as the rest of us, only with less soul, which tear all and sundry to shreds based on the measurement of flesh on their thighs or body hair distribution on their upper lip. We demanding a fictitious perfection to hold women, otherwise smart, savvy, creative and intuitive, in a submissive position.

Kat are you telling us you never felt any pressure whatsoever in relation to your weight or (in that dull conventional sense)?

People in general are under enormous pressure and it not the suburban mum fault those pressures exist, but it our fault she and we adhere to them. The is no longer in to Patty point. It done (and needs to be undone at warp speed).

Thus, I think it is an outrage to discuss anyone (esp. women bodies in this context. I bet Kat is an outstanding human being, deserving of interest beyond the size of her skirt. That size should not be a consideration.

Isn it inhumane to measure others and yourself in this way? been big, I been small, I a supermodel, I never eat, I lucky I naturally small boned, I overeat, I lost 26kgs and now I can throw the kids around, Oh I just average . are you a measurement or a human being?! Don you have a life to live in that body? Who are you? Do you know? Doesn matter where you sit on the body spectrum your worth hasn shifted a dime. Sure your health might have been impacted but you as valuable as you were when you were unaware the world had a set of scales, measuring tape, fashion conscious socially acceptable cloth for the covering of loins (just) and a bucket of make up, toning machines, moisturisers, tanning salons, razors, creams which hide the 7 signs of aging and hair colours with light reflecting pigments (lucky they reflect light, phew) waiting for you. Gawd I hate the world today, but glad none the less a number of smart people are online disagreeing with this sad display of human conditioning.

When you 13 17 modeling, of course you don have the curves of a woman, that is WHY you are a runway model during that specific time. No hips, no boobs, nothing. You go through puberty, slowly your body starts to develop, and it transforms from a skinny, galky teenager, to that of a lovely young woman. Hence, the Victoria Secret Models they aren stick skinny like teen runway models. The fact that people are calling her fat is OUTRAGEOUS. She has matured, and looks like a woman now, NOT a little girl. She would be prefect in a heavenly angles show, or similiar.

Her career has just gotten better. Trust.

Prior to that, in September 2006 in the traditional media (one Australian newspaper), I reported claims by industry sources in Europe that Ward was not getting some jobs because of her weight.

In March this year The Wall Street Journal reported the mother of one young American model saying that her daughter had missed out on shows in Paris in the FW0809 season after having been told by casting directors that she had put on too much weight. She also managed to look Fabulous in Valentino. did an outstanding job opening the Karl Lagerfeld show alongside Raquel Zimmerman. Here is my guess as to why she have been absent in 07. She wants to veer her career into the big screen. Or many of the designers might not be able to afford her anymore.

I saw nearly every high profile show in Milan that season and don recall seeing her in a single Milan show. I did however report at the time that Ward was in Milan. This was mentioned by both luxury company sources and other models. Their understanding was that she was there doing castings.

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